Saturday October 14 – briefing at 9.30am, starts 10am – finishes midday. 

This event is aimed at primary and intermediate kids and their adult helpers. If you have a family team and one or two of your family are at high school that’s okay – they can be in your team.

-Your team may be a school team, a family team or a group of friends.
-You can have up to 6 people in your team but two of these must be adults over 18.
-This means a 6 person team will have four kids and two adults. Whatever your team size is, you must have two adults and at least one kid.
-Your team must stay together – it’s a team race.

How this Adventure Race works:
Once we have had the safety briefing you will have 10 minutes to carefully study your map to decide which way you will go. You want to gather as many points that you can in two hours. We are using tracks in the park.

There are two ways you can get points and you need to use both ways.

1.Visit a station by heading off along a track. Once there, find the answer to a question about our Legends of Conservation.

Our legends are people from community groups that do a huge amount for conservation in Taranaki. They really make a difference. We couldn’t use all our legends but we’ve picked some, for this event. Some stations are worth more points than others so you will need to work out which stations to go to.

2.The second way to gather points is to meet the legends and find out something special about their group. Some legends will be at the stations and others will be in the Camphouse.

Here’s an example:
Lets say Station 3 asked a question about a DOC legend. To get points for Station 3 you need to answer the question at Station 3 AND meet Station 3’ s legend to find out something else. The legend might be at Station 3 but then again they might be at the Camphouse .

This means you need to make the best use of your your time to visit stations and meet people. You have 2 hours. If you are late back, you could lose some of your points.

Rules and Safety Information:
-You must attend the safety briefing and listen very carefully.
-You must have those two adults in your team.
-Your team must stay together. If you split up, you are disqualified
-Make sure your adults carry their fully charged phones
-Wear some comfortable but sturdy shoes.
-Stay on the track at all times
-Return to the Camphouse by 12.00

Each team member, including adults must carry a backpack with:
-A raincoat
-Warm layers like a polyprop or merino top
-A warm outer layer like a jersey or a warm hoodie
-A sunhat
-A warm hat
-At least one litre of water and some snacks to top up your energy

To join this great event organise your team and register here:
(Register early. There is a limit on teams.)

This event is part of Conservation Week 2017 –