Taranaki Mounga is delighted to be working with the Taranaki Kiwi Trust on its project to re-establish a viable kiwi population on Mt Taranaki.

The Otorohanga Captive breeding programme released five adult kiwi into Egmont National Park on Saturday 13 May. All five kiwi were fitted with transmitters before entering their new homes.

“Monitoring these birds provides an opportunity to gain valuable information about how the Western Brown Kiwi responds post release, which can help with decisions about future kiwi releases, both on M.t Taranaki but also in areas with small founding populations”, said Taranaki Kiwi Trust manager Michelle Bird

Taranaki Mounga and Kiwis for kiwi are supporting the monitoring of these birds by the purchase of a ‘Sky Ranger’ box. This tool allows the birds to be monitored by plane, and provides a large amount of valuable information that is collected via their transmitters. Information such as location, habitat range, nesting data can all be collected without disturbing the bird regularly.

Taranaki Mounga Director Jan Hania says the Taranaki Mounga environmental restoration project is delighted to be able to support the Taranaki Kiwi Trust’s work. “We share a vision for a large, thriving kiwi population on Mt Taranaki and intensive monitoring of kiwi on the Mounga is an important part of our restoration work to bring the mountain He Kawa Ora – Back to Life,” he said.

Ultimately aerial monitoring will be used to track between 10 – 30 birds after their release into the wild. Undertaking the monitoring programme would not be possible without the generous support of Taranaki Mounga, Kiwis for Kiwi, Curious Minds and the TSB Community Trust.