BTW Company Engineer Jess Battaerd showing his rat catch!

Eighteen staff from across BTW Company Ltd’s New Plymouth office have been making a positive contribution to the biodiversity on the Mounga.

In the last six months the company has provided opportunities for their staff to check and maintain 53 traps along a five kilometre loop from the Mangaoraka carpark by the North Egmont Visitor Centre.

BTW Company Managing Director Grant Aitken says like many other community projects they support, staff are provided paid time off to participate.

“We’re proud to be a company that supports the volunteering efforts of its staff and the benefits have been immense,” says Grant. “As well as supporting the Taranaki Mounga Project, staff wellbeing and the comradery across teams’ has been great.”

BTW Company Environment Team Leader Dave Bolger said staff were so keen to be involved they had to draw names from a hat. He noted one staff member who is an avid tramper and runner missed out. So he contacted Taranaki Mounga and now looks after his own trapline.

“Our Surveyor Trent Davis was gutted he missed out. The trapline he now looks after is pretty tricky. Trent is loving it,” says Dave.

After eight monitoring days, one stoat and 50 rats were caught.

So what is the best bait?

“After a few different combinations we reckon it’s the Goodnature rabbit paste,” says Dave.

Thank you to BTW Company and team. We’re looking forward to working with you on more exciting projects in the future.

Are you or your business keen to volunteer? Register your interest here.