On Thursday 31 October 2019 the final aerial 1080 operation was completed on the Kaitake Range. This was the second application over the 3000 hectare area which aims to completely remove possums from the range as well as reducing overall predator numbers to less than five percent.

A total of 13 water samples were taken during both operations on both public and private water supplies within 24 hours of each application on the Kaitake Range.

Of the 13 samples taken on six seperate sites after both operations, NO detectable traces of 1080 were found. Laboratory analysis can detect 1080 in water at concentrations as low as 0.1 parts per billion (ppb) and the maximum amount of 1080 residue allowed in drinking water by the Ministry of Health’s is 2.0 ppb. This has never been breached.

This testing was conducted by an experienced independent contractor.

No detectable traces of 1080 were found in water samples for the Mt Taranaki and Pouakai Range operation in June 2019.

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