Fern Brand
DOC Partnerships Ranger

Fern lives in her home town of Waitara, Taranaki. She has been interested in growing green things from an early age, and studied horticulture through school. She pursued her passion into the workforce, attaining her qualifications with the New Plymouth City Parks Department.

Although she has never lost that love, she moved into business and spent many years in the healthy home and construction industry before stepping back and refocusing on a young family.

She enjoys teaching her tamariki about the natural world, plants, gardening and animals, “I believe the future of our country lies with our next generations and it is our responsibility to teach them about te taiao, the environment, our resources and our culture.”

Fern likes to keep busy and is currently serving as a trustee for her hapu, Puketapu, and participates in many initiatives around fresh water monitoring, resource management and the Taranaki Mounga Project. She’s been involved with the tangata whenua Myrtle Rust response and is currently undergoing training in seed banking techniques, among other things.