Thanks to the efforts of the Department of Conservation, Taranaki Kiwi Trust and Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust, three of our taonga species are being monitored as part of the 1080 operation.

Toutouwai monitoring has been completed within the 1000 hectare ‘A24 block’ by the North Egmont Visitor Centre. The monitoring results have been mixed. Over a six-week period, dedicated volunteers and a team from Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust have been diligently tracking sightings and post-breeding behaviours of these birds. Thirty-four individuals (both banded and unbanded) were sighted within the block.

The Department of Conservation are monitoring 20 whio which have been safely caught and have had transmitters attached to track their movements pre and post-1080 operation. These transmitters will be taken off shortly after the operation and the data will be analysed.

Eighteen kiwi have transmitters on their legs and have been tracked before and will be again after the operation. A plane will fly over the Park to locate the kiwi. Volunteers from Taranaki Kiwi Trust will also be on the ground to track kiwi.