Help bring more toutouwai/robin back to Mt Taranaki

Taranaki Mounga and our partners are working towards translocating 50 more toutouwai/North Island robin from Pureora Forest Park to Taranaki Mounga in May 2018.

We are looking for volunteers to help on pre-feed trips to Pureora. Pureora Forest Park is recognised as one of the finest rain forests in the world, with many thousand-year-old podocarp trees

Pre-feeding familiarises the birds with humans and gives them a taste for mealworms. Pre-feed teams work in groups of two or three. They walk trapping lines, stopping regularly to feed the toutouwai.

Trips will last four days over weekends (including getting there and back), with cabin accommodation and group living. A reasonable level of fitness is required. If you can only make a day or two still get in touch as we may be able to sub people in and out.

Dates :

Trip 1.             8-11 February 2018

Trip 2.             9-12 March 2018

If you are interested in being involved contact Fern Brand from the Taranaki Mounga team


Can’t make the trip to Pureora? How about helping with bird monitoring on Mt Taranaki.

We are also looking for people for the post breeding monitoring from Sat 17th Feb to Sun 4th March. This monitoring helps us to know whether breeding was succesful.

The surveys will involve walking marked monitoring lines, on management tracks, looking and listening for birds. A moderate to high level of fitness is required.


If you are interested in being involved register with Emily King from the Taranaki Mounga team

Looking for toutouwai/robin

Other volunteer opportunities

You can register with DOC’s Taranaki volunteer programme