About Ngā Mounga


Mt Taranaki is the revered volcanic peak at the heart of Taranaki region. It dominates the region, a symbol of belonging and strength for all who call Taranaki home.



The Mounga affects Taranaki’s weather, geography, people and culture. Of high spiritual value for both Māori and non-Māori it is central to the identity and whakapapa for many people of the region.

A rich cloak of native vegetation spreads in all directions from Taranaki’s steep volcanic cone and across the adjacent ranges Pouakai and Kaitake to the north west. Taranaki Mounga’s project area includes the 34,000 ha of national park encompassing Taranaki, Pouakai, Kaitake and extends 3km to the protected Ngā Motu/Sugar Loaf Islands.