Kiwi now paired and prosper on Kaitake Range

Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust Conservation Manager Fiona Gordon. Photo – Jenny Feaver

In April last year 10 kiwi were translocated to the Kaitake Ranges. These kiwi were released with radio transmitters attached to their legs to allow Taranaki Kiwi Trust to monitor their survival and dispersal patterns.

The kiwi have not only all survived but they have thrived in their new home. All 10 kiwi paired up and attempted to nest this past breeding season. It is safe to say there will be a few new juvenile kiwi exploring the ranges this summer.
Thanks to the Kaitake Ranges Conservation Trust for keeping predator numbers low and also for helping to keep track of the kiwi.
Another 10 kiwi will be released into the Kaitake Ranges again this year from the Taranaki Kōhanga Kiwi at Rotokare our partnership with Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust to help build a healthy genetically diverse kiwi population.