Jacinda the wētā discovered living on maunga Taranaki

Taranaki Daily News Jacinda has been found living on maunga Taranaki – no, not the Prime Minister, but an extremely rare type of wētā which is named after her. It is the furthest south that Hemiandrus jacinda has been spotted, and managers of the Te Papakura o Taranaki say it is proof efforts to trap predators within…

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Wētā thrive on Taranaki Maunga when rats absent, study showed

Taranaki Daily News Research projects by two post-graduate university students have revealed more about the dietary behaviour of predators on Mt Taranaki. Massey University zoology graduate Fern Kumeroa​, and Lincoln University natural resource management and ecological engineering graduate Katie Coster​ were involved in separate studies with similar aims during the summer. Kumeroa, of Ngāti Ruanui,…

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Noisy tech project lures a win for students

Taranaki Daily News When it comes to trapping the predators that harm New Zealand’s native wildlife, a group of South Taranaki students are making a big noise. Instead of only relying on food as bait, students from Auroa School, near Hāwera, have made sound lures, electronic devices that use noises such as baby birds cheeping,…

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Kiwi are coming back to the Kaitake Range

Taranaki Daily News Adult kiwi are soon to be re-released onto Taranaki’s Kaitake ranges for the first time, prompting a warning for dog owners to keep their pets leashed around the park area. The kiwi are to be released onto the range in about three month’s time, following extensive trapping and aerial 1080 operations that…

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Rat trapping network helping offshore island’s endangered seabird survival

Taranaki Daily News  After years of sporadic pest control efforts, an intensive barrier of traps has reduced numbers of rats and other predators on Nga Motu/Sugarloaf Islands, offshore of New Plymouth, to almost zero. Around 19 species of seabirds, numbering around 10,000 birds in total, including endangered shearwaters, nest on three of the five offshore…

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Chew card versus Infrared camera efficiency

Chew card versus Infrared camera efficiency when hunting the last few possums – A mainland New Zealand eradication tool use lesson By Tim Sjoberg, Taranaki Mounga Research and Innovation Lead   In order to successfully indicate whether Predator Free 2050 projects have completely removed possums from specific areas, in 2019 baited chew cards were trialled…

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Taranaki farm couple’s 25 year war of the roses with possums

Taranaki Daily News Taranaki dairy farmer Fiona Henchman​ can now declare victory in a personal war of the roses she has waged against possums for a quarter of a century. With husband John she has fought a backyard battle against thousands of possums hopping over the boundary fence from Egmont National Park to munch on…

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Kaitake Range possum trap network

Lessons from our Kaitake Range possum trap network – Why not to use single set removal traps for possum eradication attempts? By Tim Sjoberg, Taranaki Mounga Research and Innovation Lead In 2016, the New Zealand government announced the ambitious aim of removing rats, possums and stoats from mainland New Zealand by the year 2050 (Predator…

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Trev’s new job is protecting whio from predators

Taranaki Daily News A South Taranaki teenager who outgrew the classroom walls has found his calling helping protect the whio/blue duck population in Egmont National Park. Trevor Walker’s efforts have been so successful that a whio, one of more than 200 in the park, was named after him. Trevor , 16, is one of two…

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Making a new START toward a rewarding future

We are proud to work alongside our youth to help them into meaningful employment. Meet Trevor Walker. He comes to the Taranaki Mounga Project from START Taranaki – a programme that supports young men in the youth justice system. ‘Trev’ is helping to restore Koro Taranaki. The maunga is his happy place. Trev has built…

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South Taranaki students sound off on stoats

Auroa School in South Taranaki have developed solar-powered audio sound lures which emit sounds to draw stoats into traps. All in an effort to provide a safe haven to reintroduce whio and other endangered birds back to the region. TSB Community Trust and Taranaki Mounga are proud to share the school’s journey with you

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Protecting our environment from Mounga to Moana

Taranaki Mounga DOC ranger and Nau Mai Tours owner Tama Blackburn loves his Waitara community. TSB Community Trust and Taranaki Mounga are proud to share this video about Tama, his connection to Koro Taranaki, and his community volunteering efforts with Waitara Taiao and New Horizons Aotearoa.

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